World Premieres at the Paris Auto Show wear Dinamica by Miko

I recently attended the Paris Auto Show, many were the world premieres and especially those coming from Mercedes-Benz wear the Italian ecosuede Dinamica manufactured by Miko Srl.

The new GLE suv, the restyled B200 and the sporty A35 AMG all boasts a vast use of the awesome suede provided by Miko. On the GLE Dinamica is used to upholster the ceiling and A/B pillars alongside fine leather; the B200 sees massive use of the ecosuede on the seats and door cards going very well together with the red stitchings. On the more sporty A35 AMG the suede  makes an appearance on the central part of the AMG performance seats and on the door cards; the exterior theme is carried over to the interior with blue leather accents that complement well the Italian suede cloth.

The newly-introduced AMG GT 43 AMG has many interior parts upholstered  in Dinamica as well: the upper part of the cabin and the seat inserts enhance the sporty look of the German cruiser.

Hyundai, Seat, Alpine, Kia, Jaguar, Citroen, Range Rover and many more use the Italian suede provided by Miko to enhance the cabin of their cars. The material is soft, it feels sporty and luxurious at the same time; the added bonus is that it’s 100-pecent recyclable at the end of its useful life, thanks to the use of neutral and non-toxic dyes

I’m always blown away by the quality and refinement of Dinamica®, and seeing an ever increasing use of this material not only on super high-end cars makes me appreciate it even more.

More manufactures are starting to understand how Miko is a step above the competition; the latest to join the party is Porsche who is going to be using the Italian suede for the upcoming Taycan!

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