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We Won’t Get the BMW 1-Series

Get the weep rag ready, folks; we have some disappointing news to pass along. If you were hoping for BMW to expanded its lineup of affordable entry-level vehicles in the US, well, you are stuck with the 2-series and X1 crossover. That fancy little 1-series sedan is for China only.

However, you don’t have to cry too much. The BMW 1-series sedan rides on the UKL platform, which means it is front-wheel-drive only. Power will come from a slew of three- and four-cylinder engines to power the little runabout. There could even possibly be a plug-in hybrid version. 

Maybe one day BMW will offer a proper entry-level, sporty sedan in its lineup—something to entice young 30-somethings that BMW is the brand for them as they work their way the corporate ladder. Until then, the 2-series coupe and X1 crossover are all they have. 

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