Supercar Drag Race on the Top Gear Test Track

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What happens when you get millions of dollars worth of cars to the Top Gear test track for an ultimate drag race – but then the heavens open!!? In this special video, we assemble a wide selection of cars at Dunsfold Aerodrome, home of the Top Gear Test Track, for a day of drag races.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t exactly on our side, but the heavy rain made for a unique opportunity to see just how these cars fared when conditions are less than perfect. We had everything from Supercars, Restomods, Luxury GTs, and even an off-road buggy. The unpredictability that the wet weather brought meant we had more than a few surprise winners.

When else are you going to get the opportunity to see cars like these racing in these conditions? What was your favourite car of the day? Let us know in the video comments!

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