Road to Le Mans 2018

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With Le Mans 2019 fresh in our memories, providing drama right the way through to the last few laps, we look back on 2018 when we were invited by Corvette Racing to attend this historical racing fixture.

Leaving from Frankfurt Germany, the hometown of Chevrolet in Europe, we headed to Le Mans in a Corvette convoy, leading the way in a Corvette Z06 driven by Paul Woodman.

Le Mans is much more than just a race and this is a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes, together with our view on living with a Z06 for almost 1,000 kilometres of diverse driving. What’s a Corvette Z06 like on a German Autobahn? Is it good to drive a manual Vette? Is the pit lane busy in Le Mans? Find out on our video!

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