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The ultimate motor racing roundup, covering everything you need to know including: Formula 1, NASCAR, W-Series, BTCC, Formula E, F2, IMSA Sportscars, WRC, Caterham Academy and Challenge, and much more!

Join Lovecars' Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman, plus special guests, in this weekly review covering everything from the world of motorsport.
Lewis Hamilton To Retire Due To FIA? Monte Carlo Rally & More

Welcome to episode 4 of season 2 of the Lovecars On The Grid motorsport podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back with another roundup of motorsport events from the past week!

This week, we have a huge amount to cover. From the Monte Carlo Rally, to news from Formula 1 and the FIA, plus some pre season testing in Abu Dhabi and in the USA with Daytona!

Kicking off with news from the FIA. We've been chasing an update since the Formula 1 finale at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2021. The whole Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton fiasco, where both drivers have been remarkably quiet about the whole situation. Elsewhere though, fans are threatening to boycott the FIA! Will Hamilton be at the first race of the season? The first change from the FIA is that race fans won't know who the race director is, plus there will be no communication broadcasted between race director and team principals.

The Monte Carlo Rally was surprisingly dry this year, with some snow and ice for some added excitement! The rally in the French Riviera gave us a battle between the two retired drivers, Sébastien Loeb and Sébastien Ogier. The Win went to Sébastien Loeb and his co-driver, Isabelle Galmiche in their Ford Puma Hybrid for the Ford M Sport team, with team cars also finishing in 3rd and 5th place. Welsh driver, Elfyn Evans was able to win a stage, but a crash prevented him to continuing. Galmiche is the first female in 25 years to Win the Monte Carlo Rally!

Back at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, we had the Formula 4 UAE, where the younger drivers are getting experience for their cars in the other series. Drivers are able to test for four weekends in the UAE for the Winter Season. Should Winter testing be banned? We have three British drivers out of the 27 drivers in total. The other season at Yas Marina was Formula Regional Asian, that has a similar format, allowing testing. Amongst drivers are Charles Leclerc's brother and Juan Pablo Montoya's son! There was some questionable, track limits driving, with driver's receiving 10 second penalties for exceeding track limits. We like Tiff's idea of reducing the car's power automatically for exceeding track limits though! What would your solution be?

Over the pond in the USA, we had the road before the 24 race at Daytona, as we build up to the Daytona 24H this weekend. Ricky Taylor took pole, with Will Stevens as his co-driver. Kamui Kobayashi took second place, ahead of next weekend.

Next weekend, Formula E returns, with a very snazzy advertisement. Make sure you check it out! This season is the last one with the Gen 2 car. There's a new qualifying format, with a knockout system. Audi have now taken their team out of Formula E, but Maserati are joining Formula E from the 2022/2023 season.

Formula 1 – Michael Masi in a mess! Dakar and Monte Carlo Rally

Welcome to episode 3 of the 2022 season of Lovecars On The Grid! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back for another roundup of this weeks motorsport!

This week, we have more Formula 1 news and the FIA! There's also the Dakar rally, and more to look forward to in the coming weeks!

We kick off with the Le Mans 24H virtual race! Formula 1 Champion, Max Verstappen was favourite to win, but after leading and being too heavy on the curbs, the Red Bull driver lost out to British racing driver, Oliver Rowland.

In Formula 1, we've had an announcement from the FIA that Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff is in meetings to discuss the race in Abu Dhabi that ended the season in 2021. There's also been Zoom meetings taking place at the FIA to discuss Michael Masi's place in the sport. Mistakes took place in other races too, at Brazil and at Silverstone, not just in Abu Dhabi! Should Masi be outed from the FIA? Is there someone who can replace him? The final decision following the enquiry into the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will be announced on 18th March, four months after the race took place! Elsewhere, Aston Martin have appointed Mike Crack as the Team Principal for the 2022 season.

The Dakar Rally ended last week, after a spectacular few days in the desert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Nasser Al-Attiyah won the race for the cars in his Toyota, having competed 18 times in the Dakar. On the motorbikes, Sam Sunderland won it for the British! In the trucks, the Kamaz team were leading all the way through!

We of course had the Dubai 24 hour race at the Dubai Autodrome this weekend. With Audi taking the 1st and 2nd place spots. Out of the 320 drivers, there were only 7 British drivers!

Coming up, we have the 90th Monte Carlo rally taking place next week, with drivers such as Sebastien Loeb, Oliver Solberg and Toyota driver, Elfyn Evans all taking part. We of course have the hybrid cars in this season, offering an extra 100HP.

From OnlyFans to NASCAR! FIA In Dakar, F1 News & More!

Welcome to the second episode of the new season of Lovecars On The Grid! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back with another podcast, bringing you a roundup of the latest motorsport updates from around the World!

This week, we look at a positive decision from the FIA for a change at Dakar, plus some news from Formula 1!

Kicking off at Dakar, the FIA actually got a decision right for a change! Jutta Kleinschmidt is the new President of the Cross Country Rally Commission and coincidentally was the first Woman to win the Paris-Dakar rally in 2001. We heard at the start of this year's Dakar rally that Audi Sport and their driver, Carlos Sainz were unhappy about the sport being unbalanced towards their EV car entrant, the RS Q e-tron. Kleinschmidt quite rightly responded to this, completely denying that their is a disadvantage for the EV team, and urged the rally to continue as normal. Some common sense from the FIA for a change!

Should we get a former Formula 1 Champion to head the FIA Formula 1 division! Elsewhere at the Dakar, we've had 2 stages cancelled due to the weather and visibility, but overall been run incredibly well by the FIA under Kleinschmidt mastery. Ironically, Sainz and the Audi have now actually won three stages, too!

Just four stages to go before the finish on Friday! Come on the British that are taking part!

In Formula 1, we have news! Otmar Szafnauer, Team Principal for Aston Martin F1 team has left the team. There were rumours about him moving to Alpine, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

In other news, Australian Racing Driver, Renee Gracie has announced that she's looking to restart her racing career and trying to get into NASCAR! The driver has had 3 years out in the adult entertainment business. Good luck to her!

Elsewhere in British F4, Matias Zagazeta, who came second in F4 this year, is hoping for a seat in the higher racing divisions too!

The GT cars kick off their season with the Gulf 12 hour race, with our friend, Oli Webb achieving 1st place in his GT4 class and 11th place overall!

Next weekend, the GT3 cars move to the Dubai 24H race, with 87 cars taking part! Then, at the end of the month we have the Daytona 24H race and the Monte Carlo rally to look forward to!

We're going to switch it up next week and bring on ex-BBC Top Gear Stig, Ben Collins to the podcast!

Make sure you tune in next week to hear Tiff Needell discuss with Ben Collins!

Explosion at Dakar! No Refunds At Belgium F1 GP! And More! S2 EP1

Welcome to the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Happy New Year from Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman, and welcome to Season 2 of our podcast! It's technically episode 42, but with a New Year, we're starting a new Season! Thank you for all of your support on our podcast so far, we really do appreciate it!

In this week's motorsport roundup, the guys cover the Dakar Rally, Formula 1, BTCC and more!

It wouldn't be our podcast without kicking off with Formula 1, where we have yet more controversy in the sport! Back at Spa in Belgium in 2021, we had a 3 lap procession, which was then called off, due to the weather. 70,000 fans were left disappointed after waiting in the rain, and unfortunately won't be getting any refund as a result! This is as a result of a decision by Liberty Media, who instead are offering a prize draw to win 1 of 170 seats at next year's Grand Prix. Poor show from Liberty Media!

The Dakar rally is kicking off in Saudi Arabia, with some action before the race even started, with a service crew car involved in an explosion, with members airlifted to hospital. Officials haven't ruled out criminal activity yet, we wish a speedy recovery to all of those involved. Carlos Sainz is in his electric powered, Audi RSQ E-Tron, the first of it's class in the Dakar Rally with some disagreements between Audi and the race officials over the rules of the rally. Sainz actually got lost looking for a weigh station, and is currently 2 hours behind, in 48th place! He wasn't the only driver to get lost though, as teams aren't allowed to use satellite navigation systems, relying only on maps in their given road book that day.

If you're a fan of this kind of motorsport, we plan to cover some grass roots motorsport events in our upcoming TV show, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Should we put Tiff into an endurance race? What do you think? Let us know too, if you have access into anything interesting for us!

It's an interesting time of the year for Formula 1, as young drivers start signing up for Formula 2 and Formula 3, could these be the future F1 stars? We can of course look at the Autosport Awards for future talent too, with George Russell and Lando Norris winning awards in the past, before they became stars in Formula 1. Names such as Jonny Edgar, Zak O'Sullivan, Louis Foster and Oli Webb are all nominated for the driver of the year awards, so these could be our future stars!

In Touring Cars, Jake Hill has signed up to West Surrey Racing team, who are powered by ROKiT and partnered with the new NAPA sponsor.

FIA in Turmoil! Michael Masi out? | EP 41

Welcome to Episode 41 of the Lovecars On The Grid podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are here with another episode, with a motorsport roundup of events from the past week!

It's been Christmas week, so very quiet from a motorsport front, but still lots to talk about from the FIA with Formula 1 and other sports, too. The FIA seems to be going through an interesting period, after Frenchman, Jean Todt moved on from being in charge of the FIA for 12 years, bringing in Mohammed Ben Sulayem as the new FIA President. Then of course we had the controversy between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the last race of the season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Furthermore, both Ross Braun and Pat Symonds are leaving Formula 1, who were two figures behind the new, 2022 car. In addition to this, Belgian FIA Rally Director, Yves Matton also quits!

What also doesn't help, is that a petition has been launched on Twitter to get Michael Masi out of the FIA, following his decisions at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Should he stay? What do you think? To make matters even worse, Nicolas Latifi, who was the driver that crashed, causing the safety car at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, has been receiving death threats for what happened to Lewis Hamilton following the incident! Of course, Latifi didn't intend to crash! Paul then gives us some stats on Formula 1 for our Christmas Quiz! Comparing Max Verstappen beating Lewis Hamilton to Fernando Alonso beating Michael Schumacher in 2005. Did you also know that Nikita Mazepin received 234 blue flags in the 2021 season!

World Rally Championship is back on 23rd January, with French Rally driver Sebastian Loeb driving for Ford in the new Puma rally cars. The cars this season will be hybrid for the first time, too, which will make for an interesting season for WRC with 100HP boosts from the hybrid system.

In the British Touring Cars Championship, NAPA Auto Parts are using BTCC as a launch platform for their business in the UK market, which will give BTCC a real boost, allowing drivers to be paid to be full time BTCC drivers, as opposed to drivers using their own sponsors.

As January approaches, we of course look forward to the Dakar rally, that starts on 1st January. With nearly 500 different vehicles taking part, from buggies, motorbikes, trucks and cars, with just 1000 people taking part and just 10 British people taking part!

That's it for our podcasts for this year! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and may we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Lewis Hamilton Retiring from Formula 1?! | EP 40

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back to give you another roundup of motorsport updates from the past week!

This week, the guys discuss more about the Formula 1, we also have the Extreme E and there's testing for next years Formula 1 and F2!

Kicking off with Formula 1. Mercedes have dropped their appeal following the race in Abu Dhabi and the battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. The question now though, is Lewis Hamilton going to retire from Formula 1 racing? With all the pressure from Max and his team mate George Russell next year, could Hamilton go against his contract for 2022 and leave F1? If he did, who would replace him?

Hamilton didn't attend the prize giving, which is against FIA rules and he was also knighted this week! But what are rules after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix fiasco? Driver's are fined for breaking rules, but the same doesn't appear to apply to the FIA. There needs to be consistency in the Championship!

Hamilton did have a Win this weekend though, as his LH44 team won the race in Dorset at the Jurassic Coast in the Extreme E series. Although the Rosberg Racing team won the overall title as the Championship comes to an end. We have some new teams coming to the sport next year, with McLaren also joining the series. Should we try and get Extreme E on our tv show next year?

Following the end of the F1 season, the majority of drivers were back in Abu Dhabi for 2022 Season testing. Pirelli are bringing an 18 inch tyre to the 2022, so drivers were testing the new tyres as Yas Marina Circuit. Formula 2 were testing at the same time, as they will be getting the same new tyres next year, too.

Remaining in Sports, we had the Sports Personality of the Year, Emma Raducanu deservedly won the Award, but should we have seen Lewis Hamilton on the shortlist?

Next week, we of course have Christmas, but we will still be here! If there's anything you want to ask Tiff, please let us know!

Thank you for all the support from our viewers this year, and may we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Was Hamilton’s Fate Decided By Stewards? | EP 39

Welcome to episode 39 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell are here to give you a motorsport roundup from the past week, but of course, top of our agenda is the Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi!

Firstly, a huge congratulations to Max Verstappen! He won more Grand Prix's than Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton, a fantastic drive from both drivers. It is undeniable that both Lewis and Max are unbelievable drivers, which gave us a very exciting season, that came to down to not only the last round of the season, but the last lap!

In qualifying, it looked like the Red Bull F1 car was faster. Max was able to secure pole position, with Hamilton behind and Perez in 3rd place. In the race, Hamilton tried passing Max on the outside, forcing Hamilton off the track, which caused the first controversy of the race, should Hamilton have given the place back?

Mercedes then gambled on having a quicker car, bringing Hamilton into the pits and covering the pit stop by the Red Bull team on the previous lap. Sergio Perez was able to help Verstappen catch back up though, by holding up Hamilton, reducing the gap between him and Verstappen. Bottas on the other hand didn't appear to be able to support his Mercedes team mate in a similar fashion.

Until this point, it was looking like this was Hamilton's race, with both Mercedes team boss, Toto Wolff and Red Bull team boss, Christian Horner both making radio messages to race director Michael Masi.

With just four laps to go, an accident from Nicolas Latifi in his Williams prompted a safety car. We weren't sure if the race was going to restart, and race control announced that lapped cars were not allowed to overtake the safety car, meaning that Verstappen was way behind Hamilton.

All of a sudden, the rules were changed, allowing all lapped cars to overtake the safety car. This gave Hamilton and Verstappen a one on one race, but with Hamilton on older tyres, there was little he could to do defend from the Dutch driver.

Carlos Sainz gained the 3rd place trophy in his Ferrari, with Yuki Tsunoda in 4th place in his Alpha Tauri. Valtterri Bottas came down in 6th place. What an end to the season!

In Formula 2, Oscar Piastri took pole for the main race, and won the Championship in Abu Dhabi. Will we see him in a Formula 2 car?

Next weekend, the Extreme E is coming to the UK!

Is Verstappen A Danger On Track? | EP38

Welcome to episode 38 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman bring us the latest roundup of motorsport events from around the World! In this episode, we look at Formula 2, Aussie Supercars and S5000 Single seaters, but we kick off with the Formula 1 race in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia!

Potentially the most insane race we've ever seen in Formula 1, would you agree? An incredible drive from both Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes, and Max Verstappen in his Red Bull as the battle continues for the Championship!

The opening corner at Jeddah caused a few problems, Tiff did call it last week! Verstappen had an amazing qualifying, although only qualified in 3rd place after not completing his lap. In the race, Mick Schumacher crashed in his Haas car, resulting in a red flag for the first time.

Following the restart, Verstappen gained advantage through overtaking Hamilton and then coming off the track, leaving Hamilton to take avoiding action and allowing Esteban Ocon to move into 2nd place. The stewards intervened at this point, Red Bull the option to take 3rd place behind Ocon and Hamilton, or face a penalty. Red Bull chose to put Max into 3rd place.

Then we had a 2nd red flag caused by Nikita Mazepin and Sergio Perez, resulting in both drivers being retired from the race. Verstappen came back to overtake Hamilton and Ocon, resulting in his team asking him to give the place back to Hamilton. This however turned into Hamilton crashing into the back of Verstappen! A crazy turn of events! Thankfully, the front wing of Hamilton's car had minimal damage.

After further trading positions between Hamilton and Verstappen, Verstappen received a 5 second penalty from the stewards, awarding Hamilton the win. Verstappen took 2nd place, with Bottas just sneaking past Ocon on the final straight to snatch 3rd place. Verstappen then left the podium without celebrating. Onto Abu Dhabi for a very exciting season finale!

Staying in Saudi Arabia, Formula 2 brought a lot of excitement too! Oscar Piastri edges closer to his championship victory following his fourth win of the season in the second sprint race.

Following a red flag in F2, Theo Pourchaire's car stalled on the grid, and Enzo Fittipaldi hit the back of his car, resulting in both drivers being taken to hospital. We have since heard that both drivers are ok.

The feature race was then shortened to 20 minutes, and was cut even shorter when the race was declared over following a second red flag.

Moving down-under to Australia, where the Aussie Supercars were at Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit , Bathurst, NSW. It was a win for Chaz Mostert, in his Holden Commodore ZB, with Cameron Waters in his Ford Mustang in 2nd.

Next weekend, we have the Formula 1 final coming in Abu Dhabi and we see the battle for the championship win between Lewis and Max! Who will win?

RIP Sir Frank Williams! WTCR, WRX and more! | EP37

Welcome to episode 37 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell once again bring us the latest motorsport updates from around the World!

This week, we're crowning two FIA World Champions in both World Touring Cars and World Rally Cross. We look at a rally event in the UK, but we start with some sad news. Sir Frank Williams sadly passed away, a real tragedy and our thoughts are with the Williams family. Listen to Tiff's memories of Sir Frank!

World Touring Cars took place in Russia this weekend, for the Race of Russia at the Sochi Olympic Park. Ex-British Touring Car driver, Rob Huff took the win, becoming the 12th different driver to win in the 16 races in his Cupra, but the Championship win went to Yann Ehrlacher in his Lynk and Co car.

We also saw World Rally Cross this weekend, with it's season finale taking place at the Nurburgring in Germany. Swedish driver, Johan Kristoffersson took the Championship win, after his rival Timmy Hansen was disqualified from the final.

This weekend also saw the Roger Albert Clark Rally take place in the UK, with drivers such as Top Gear star, Chris Harris! Snow and bad weather resulted in drivers getting stuck and entire stages being called off. Unfortunately, the weather also brought an early end to the event, too.

Next weekend, we have the penultimate race in Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia. The Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen battle continues! Formula 2 will follow, with Oscar Piastri expected to take his Championship win, ahead of rival Guanyu Zhou, who already has a seat with Alfa Romeo in Formula 1 next year! We'll leave you with one question, what's your 1,2,3 prediction for the Formula 1 this weekend?

Who Will Win The F1 Chanpionship? | EP36

Welcome to Episode 36 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell are back with your roundup of motorsport events from last week! We have the Formula 1, World Rally Championship, Rallycross and World Superbikes!

We kick off with Formula 1, which took place at the Losail Circuit in Qatar at the weekend. The Hamilton vs. Verstappen battle continues! Verstappen received a 5 place grid penalty for ignoring yellow flags in qualifying. It took the FIA 20 hours to make a decision on that! Max managed to get back into second place, behind Hamilton in his Mercedes. Just 8 points separates the two drivers, who will win the Championship? Fernando Alonso managed to snatch a 3rd place for his team Alpine, with Alonso also taking the Driver of the Day vote. Elsewhere in Formula 1, Alfa Romeo have announced that Valterri Bottas' partner in 2022 will be Chinese driver, Guanyu Zhou. The first Chinese F1 driver! We look forward to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in 2 weeks time.

In World Rally Championship, Elfyn Evans couldn't overtake Toyota teammate Sebastien Ogier, giving Ogier his 8th World title. The WRC finale took place at Monza, with Evans locking up his car under braking, spinning off a hay bale and stalling his car. British Rally Championship also concluded at the Ulster Rally, with Welshman Matt Edwards stamped his name firmly in the record books after becoming Motorsport UK British Rally Champion for the third time in a row. No driver has ever done that before! Rival Osian Pryce tried to challenge for the win, but unfortunately ended up with his Polo on it's roof!

Then there was the World Superbikes, taking place in Indonesia at the Pertamina Mandalika International Street Circuit. Turkish rider, Toprak Razgatlıoğlu ended Jonathan Rea's 6 years as Champion on his Yamaha. The first race was cancelled due to the weather, but Jonathan took 2nd place on his Kawasaki and British rider, Scott Reading in 3rd.

Did Verstappen Deserve A Penalty? | EP 35

Welcome to episode 35 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast!

Paul Woodman is at the airport this week, so slightly quieter than usual, but he's joined by Tiff Needell as always for the weekly motorsport roundup! We've had four major events form this weekend, including the Formula 1 in Brazil, Moto GP in Spain, IMSA in America and the Race of Remembrance in Anglesey, that Paul was a part of.

Let's kick off with the epic race at Interlagos in Brazil! Another controversy between Red Bull and Mercedes, which started with Max Verstappen inspecting the wing of Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes. The wing was 0.2cm too big, resulting in Hamilton being able to go much faster than Verstappen's Red Bull. This led to not only a penalty for Hamilton, but also a fine for Verstappen for touching his car in the pits! When we got to the race, there was a further controversy, with Verstappen pushing Hamilton wide, resulting in both drivers leaving the track when Hamilton attempted overtaking Verstappen for first place. The stewards declared it a racing incident, but did Verstappen did this on purpose? What do you think? Paul's opinion in it is clear, despite having to be relatively quiet in his airport lounge! After taking a 25 grid place penalty over the weekend, Hamilton still managed to win the race, with Verstappen behind him, and Bottas in 3rd. Sergio Perez took the fastest lap in his Red Bull car. Onto Qatar for the next race!

The last round of Moto GP took place in Valencia last weekend, too. With Moto 3 being the most exciting race, with Champion Pedro Costa taking his first pole position of the season, ironically at his home Grand Prix! He unfortunately got taken out of the race, leaving another Spanish rider, Xavier Artigas to win the race. In the main Moto GP race, Francesco Bagnaia took his fourth Win in a row on his Ducati! But of course, there were tears everywhere for the last race for Valentino Rossi, following a spectacular career for the rider.

In America, the Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta hosted the IMSA at the Petit Le Mans, with a last lap lunge for #55, taking the victory. The Championship Winners however were the #31 Cadillac.

As previously stated, Paul was racing at Anglesey Circuit in Wales at the weekend, raising money for Mission Motorsport, who assist in rehabilitating those from the armed services by providing opportunities in motorsport and the automotive industry. Paul was racing in a team driving a Caterham 270 race car. The team finished a respectable 4th place, narrowly missing a podium.

Next weekend, we have the Formula 1 in Qatar to look forward to, who do we predict to win? World Rally Championship goes into it's final round at Monza and the British Rally Championship at Ulster!

How To Make A Snooze Fest Exciting? Mexican F1 | EP 34

Nearly a year into our Global Motorsport Podcast, Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell are back, with episode 34!

We crowned 3 new champions this weekend, but we kick off with Formula 1 in Mexico. Unfortunately, it was quite an uneventful race, but Max Verstappen drove brilliantly and won the race, with Lewis Hamilton's Championship hopes are sadly dying away! Sergio Perez had the Mexican crowd behind him, finishing 3rd on the podium.

The first corner seemed to hold the most action, with McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo managing to cause a five car collision and Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff calling for action against the driver. We have Brazil to look forward to at Interlagos, as well as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the finale in Abu Dhabi

The World Sportscar Championship came to an end this weekend too, with a back-to-back Championship win for Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and Jose Maria Lope in the #8 Toyota after a 2nd place at Bahrain.

In NASCAR, it was a win for #5 with Kyle Larson at Phoenix Raceway, holding off the other four contenders in Martin Truex Jr., Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott. Larson's pit crew managed a pit stop in 11.8 seconds, which isn't great by Formula 1 standards, but very quick for NASCAR!

Moto GP was at Portimao in Portugal. A win for Francesco Bagnaia on his Ducati, and it looks like Remi Gardner will take the championship in Moto 2, with a win on his Red Bul KTM Ajo. Moto 3 was won by Pedro Acosta on his KTM.

Next week, we have one more title to be taken, with Moto GP at Valencia. We have the Brazilian Grand Prix, with Red Bull hot favourites with Max Verstappen! Who will win? Paul is also at the Race of Remembrance with Team Paddlup in a Caterham 270 race car! Fingers crossed for dry weather Paul!

NASCAR Madness! WEC, Formula Ford and More | EP33

Welcome to episode 33 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back for another week of roundups with the latest motorsport updates!

We've been encouraging you all to watch NASCAR for weeks, but after an initially dull and boring race, the last round before the Grand Finale went right down the wire in the last 50 laps! Kyle Larson was caught speeding twice, but Alex Bowman took the win with a controversial clash with Denny Hamlin after the race! Hamlin managed to lock up all four wheels and ended up in front of Bowman! Hamlin still managed to get through to the final 4.

Over in Bahrain we had the WEC. Jose Maria Lopez, Mike Conway and Kamui Kobayashi took a 50 second lead in the #7 Toyota for their 3rd consecutive win, giving the trio a 15 point lead ahead of the championship final coming up this weekend. In the GTE class, there was controversy as Ferrari were deducted 25HP by the FIA, giving the race to the Porsche's in the same race.

Paul is taking part in his own endurance race, in the Race Of Remembrance at Anglesey Circuit in his Caterham Academy car on 13-14th November!

This weekend was also the Formula Ford 50th Festival at Brands Hatch, with a win for B-M Racing's Jamie Sharp, and previous winners such as Jan Magnussen and Dennis Lind also driving. Tiff was actually at the first Festival all those years ago, and finished 7th!

There was also the Visit Conwy Cambrian Rally, with the British Rally Championship, with a win for Osian Pryce in the VW Polo. He now leads the Championship as they go into their final round at the Modern Tyres Ulster Rally next weekend.

We also have the Mexican Grand Prix coming up! The Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton battle continues with the S bends and track limits at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Will the Mexican crowd get behind Sergio Perez? WEC will be back in Bahrain, whilst the NASCAR finale is taking place in Phoenix. Moto GP is the Algarve Grand Prix, taking place in Portimao.

Texas Grand Prix, End Of BTCC and Moto GP! | EP32

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back with their global motorsport roundup after a very exciting week!

Kicking off with the Formula 1, which was this time taking place at Austin in Texas, the race was a fantastic one! The Lewis and Max Championship battle continued, with cars bouncing over the curbs both from Mercedes and Red Bull. In the midfield, there were also tense battles with McLaren's Daniel Ricciardo against Ferrari's Carlos Sainz. Track limits were a bit questionable, especially in qualifying!

Continuing in the US, the W Series final race took place at the Circuit of the Americas, where British driver, Jamie Chadwick taking the championship win. Congratulations to her! This weekend marked the end of the British Touring Car Championship too, where Ash Sutton took the championship win, with a win at Brands Hatch, and Championship rival, Josh Cook taking wins in the other two races. Colin Turkington came 2nd in the Championship, with Tom Chilton in 3rd place.

Caterham racing also concluded the Seven Championship at Cadwell Park, with some spectacular racing at a difficult circuit!

Kyle Larson took another win at NASCAR, with just two rounds to go after racing at the Kansas Speedway, Hollywood Casino 400. Chase Elliot tried chasing Larson down, but couldn't quite catch him after scraping the wall. One race before the shootout race, coming up at Martinsville! Is anyone following NASCAR?

In Moto GP, Spanish Rider, Marc Marquez won the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, and it was also Valentino Rossi's last Italian Grand Prix, with who stands of spectators wearing the yellow 48, with Rossi himself throwing his helmet into the crowd in celebration! But the 2021 World Title went to French rider, Fabio Quartararo on his Yamaha.

Extreme E was back in Sardinia, with their Island X-Prix. Rosberg X Racing closes in on the title after taking the victory, despite lots of cars breaking their suspension with the bumps on the terrain!

Coming up in the next week, what should we be watching? The WEC commences on it's last 2 rounds, both being held in Bahrain for 2 weekends. NASCAR is taking place at Martinsville, with seven drivers being cut to three for the final round. Then, the British Rally Championship is in Llandudno for the Conwy Cambrian Rally.

Finally, it's Tiff Needell's birthday on Friday, so make sure you wish him well in the comments!

On the Grid Motorsport Roundup Podcast with Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman. Episode 31!

Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman take a look at motorsport events around the world with the Lovecars On the Grid podcast.

This week we kick off with World Rally Championships where the title race is going down to the wire. There's a family connect at the British GP and Tiff's favourite, Kyle Larson takes another win in NASCAR - where Paul shows his Google skills with some high level NASCAR trivia.

On two wheels there's British Super Bikes and also World Super Bikes, plus a certain Tiff Needell races BBC Top Gear's Chris Harris where our man Tiff, leaves him for dust! (nothing to do with the cars of course!!)

Next week F1 is back, the conclusion of BTCC, W Series, Extreme-E and much more!

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F1 Excitement in Turkey! The End Of The Caterham Academy Season! | EP30

Welcome to Episode 30 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast! Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell are back to give you a motorsport roundup from the past week!

We kick things off with Formula 1, that took place in Turkey this weekend, and we were in for an eventful race at Istanbul Park! Another wet Turkish Grand Prix led to Lewis Hamilton coming into the pits earlier to change his tyres. Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas achieved a Win, with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen coming 2nd, putting him back at the top for the Championship for 2021. Hamilton unfortunately finished in 5th place. Who do you think will win the Championship, Lewis or Max?

Paul has now concluded his fantastic season with the Caterham Academy. With two different grids and 25 cars on each grid, teaching drivers how to race. As Paul says, the best driving experience he's had in his life! The final race took part in Snetterton this weekend, with the championship coming down to just 2 car lengths after all of these races!

In the Green Group, Freddie Chiddicks reached second in the Championship, but Geoff Newman took the fastest lap on the last lap and took the Championship win! Over in the White Group, our friend Charlie Lower won the Championship in his group, with Harry George in 2nd place. Well done to all the podium finishers in both groups.

It was the last round in DTM this weekend too, taking place at the Norisring in Germany. Maximilian Gotz won the Championship, following Mercedes implementing a team order, denying the race winner and championship favourite Liam Lawson of his title. What a controversial end to the season!

The Fanatec GT World Challenge final round took place in Barcelona this weekend too, with Tiff's friends at Barwell Motorsport taking the win in the Pro-Am category in their Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo.

The BTCC was at Donington, with two wins for Gordon Sheddon in his Honda Civic Type R. Race 3 was won by Colin Turkington in his BMW 330i M Sport, winning his 60th BTCC race!

Across the pond, NASCAR was great entertainment at Charlotte, with another win for Kyle Larson in his Chevrolet, despite an alternator failure. There were also some spectacular crashes!

Next week, WRC is in Spain, British GT are in Donington for their final round, fingers crossed for Barwell Motorsport. NASCAR go to Texas and the World Superbikes are at a new track in Argentina! British Superbikes on the other hand are finishing their season at Brands Hatch, so some great motorbike action to come!

Tiff Needell’s Motoring Career! Brits Win At WRC, Crash at Moto3 | EP29

Welcome to episode 29 of the Lovecars On The Grid podcast! Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are back, with the latest updates from motorsport around the World!

Paul was marshalling at Castle Coombe this weekend, as a result of getting 9 points on his racing license after going through 2 black and white flags during the race in the Caterham Academy!

Starting with World Rally Championship, the British driver Elfyn Evans and his co-driver, Scott Martin led the way in Finland in their Toyota Gazoo Racing WRC Yaris. Just 24 points separate Evans and Championship leader, Sébastien Ogier in his Toyota. Just 2 rounds left of the WRC, with the next round in Spain in a few weeks!

Hear about Tiff Needell's racing career and the famous drivers he raced alongside, along with the teams and cars in Formula 1, at Le Mans and his 230MPH crash on the Mulsanne Straight!

Moto GP was the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas, in Austin, Texas. Spanish rider, Marc Marquez took the win on his Honda, with Australian rider, Jack Miller just 0.1 seconds behind on his Ducati. In Moto3, there was a terrible accident, involving Deniz Oncu, Jeremy Alcoba, Andrea Migno and title leader, Pedro Acosta. Miraculously, all four escaped serious injury, despite sliding on the tarmac at 140MPH! It's led to a 2 race ban for Oncu.

In Superbikes, the race this weekend was in Portugal and championship leader, Toprak Razgatlioglu unfortunately crashed out due to a technical issue, but still managed to win race 1. Rival British rider, Jonathan Rea won race 2. Just 26 points seperate the two riders, with one round left. Will Toprak win it?

British Superbikes were at Donington Park in the pouring rain! Gino Rea won Bennetts race 1 and Tarran Mackenzie race 2 with one round left at Brands Hatch. DTM has just one round to go too, with Liam Lawson and Kelvin Van Der Linde battling for the championship win at Hockenheim. Van Der Linde took the win, with AlphaTauri AF Corsa driver, Alex Albon in 2nd place.

Next week, it's a weekend of final rounds! DTM goes to Norisring for the final round, whilst it's the last chance for Paul Woodman to get a podium in the green group for the Caterham Academy Championship at Snetterton! Good luck Paul! Elsewhere Tiff is testing the new Corvette for our other channel! Formula 1 goes to turkey, whilst BTCC is at Donington!

Devastation For Lando Norris! – EP28

Welcome to episode 28 of the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast. This week, Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman discuss the Formula 1, F2 and F3 at Sochi in Russia, the BTCC at Silverstone, Indycar and NASCAR in America, and of course the motorbikes!

Formula 1 was a terrific Grand Prix out in Sochi! The Russian Grand Prix was far from boring this year, with British-Belgian racing driver, Lando Norris led the pack from pole position in his McLaren and George Russell not far behind, all because of Lewis Hamilton's crash into the pit wall in his Mercedes, and Max Verstappen's engine change at Red Bull!

Then moving onto the Grand Prix, the tables turned! With the rain coming in with 10 minutes left of the race, Hamilton and Mercedes made the right decision to change their tyres, whereas Norris stayed out. Max also went in early to avoid the change in weather, which benefitted him and Red Bull, resulting in a second place. Hamilton took the win, gaining his 100th ever victory, setting a new record in Formula 1. It will be interesting in the 2022 season, with three British drivers contesting for the top spot. But who be on top in the Mercedes team, George Russell or Lewis Hamilton?

In F2, Dan Ticktum won the first sprint race from pole position and then started in 5th place in the feature race, finishing in the same place. Australian driver, Oscar Piastri took first place for Prema Racing, extending his Championship lead.

In Formula 3, the Sprint Race was won by American driver, Logan Sergeant, whilst Australian driver, Jack Doohan led from pole position to win the feature race with his team, Trident.

Onto Touring Cars, the BTCC was at Silverstone with 30 cars on the 1.5 mile national circuit. Rory Butcher dominated the weekend, finishing in 1st place in the first two races, but then 13th in race 3.

Indycar was at Long Beach, with 85 laps of the drivers hitting track limits and smudging the walls! Colton Herta was the fastest all weekend, but qualified in 14th thanks to a crash. The driver fought back through and ended up winning the race. Josef Newgarden finished behind Herta, having started on pole.

NASCAR was in Las Vegas this weekend, with Toyota driver Denny Hamlin becoming victorious, with teammate Kyle Busch in 3rd place, and Chevrolet driver, Chase Elliot in 2nd.

Over in the world of motorbikes, the Superbikes brought tragic news, with the sad death of 15 year old, Dean Berta Viñales in the Supersport 300 support race in Spain. Our thoughts are with his friends and family. This led to just two races being undertaken at the Motul Spanish round, with Turkish rider Toprak Razgatlıoğlu extending his championship lead, winning both races. Close behind him is British rider Jonathan Rea, finishing 2nd in the first race.

In British Superbikes, the Championship was at Oulton Park, with a win for Tarran Mackenzie on his Yamaha in the first race, and two wins for Oxford Products Racing Ducati rider, Tommy Bridewell.

Our Lovecars resident presenters were racing too! Nick Ponting was racing at Donington Park, and Ben Collins, Mr. Stig was racing at the 24 hour race at Circuit Zolder in Belgium!

Next weekend, the WRC is back in Finland, Moto GP goes over to the USA, whilst World Superbikes are in the Algarve in Portugal and British Superbikes are back at Donington Park. Lots of bikes next week!


We kick off Episode 27, where else, but Goodwood for the incredible Goodwood Revival, where Tiff Needell was not only racing in some big old Jags... but also playing in the annual cricket match (where his team went on to lose!).

After some cricket trivia, together with some general Goodwood trivia, the boys stay in the UK and move to BTCC with two more new winners at Croft - but was it all overshadowed by Tim Harvey's claims that the circuit is unsafe? Should they allow bollards and tyres on apexes at Croft Circuit, or any race track in the world? What's your take?

On the continent Robert Kubica wraps up ELMS title with win at Spa and Liam Lawson extends his DTM lead at Assen. On two wheels it's another win in Moto GP for Franceso Bagnia at Misano and WSB are simply ever tighter after Barcelona.

Plenty of drama at Laguna Seca with Indycar and the entertaining Bristol oval with NASCAR.

Next week … F1 and F2 AND F3 in Russia. There's the Indycar finale in Long Beach, California, NASCAR at Las Vegas, over in Spain the WSB battle goes on, while back home BTCC goes to Silverstone and BSB at Oulton Park!

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Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen – Who was to blame? | EP26

This is episode 26 of our Lovecars On The Grid Podcast with Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell!

It's been an exciting week, but we kick off with the controversy in Formula 1 at Monza, where Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen ended up with his car on top of of Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton!

Following Max's poor pit stop, that took 11 seconds, the two drivers came together. Who was to blame? Nonetheless, McLaren ended up doing very well at Monza, with Daniel Ricciardo taking 1st place, and Lando Norris coming in 2nd. A brilliant Grand Prix.

In Formula 2, the first Sprint race was won by French driver, Théo Pourchaire. The second Sprint was won by Carlin Racing's Jehan Daruvala and the feature race in Monza for the F2 was won by Australian driver, Oscar Piastri. Elsewhere, British racing driver, Dan Ticktum admits he may have blown his chances in Formula 1, after being dropped by both Red Bull and now Williams. The driver admitted he probably opened his mouth too many times, when he probably shouldn't have! Is he suitable to be a Formula 1 driver? What do you think?

We had an exciting race in Moto GP, at Ciudad del Motor de Aragón. Home rider, Marc Márquez had a great battle with Francesco Bagnaia on his Ducati, but Bagnaia was able to hold out, beating the Spanish rider by 0.6 seconds. The closes British rider, Cal Crutchlow finished in 16th position. The World Rally Championship was over in Greece, with the Acropolis fixture returning to WRC for the first time since 2013! French rally driver, Sébastien Ogier was first out in his Toyota Yaris WRC and edges towards his next Championship win, finishing in 3rd place.

The British Superbikes were racing at the Silverstone National this weekend, with a big clash between Yamaha team mates, Taz Mackenzie and Jason O'Halloran. Thankfully, both drivers were ok and were back in race 2 and 3 with both taking a win! Just 3 rounds left of British Superbikes!

Over the pond in the USA, Indycar was the Grand Prix of Portland, which has very limited of overtaking. This lead to tactical moves in the pits! Ex-Formula 1 Romain Grosjean caused mayhem at turn 1, with Alex Palou taking the win, followed by Alexander Rossi in second place.

NASCAR was at the Richmond Raceway in Virginia, for a fairly uneventful race!

Next week, Indycar goes to Laguna Seca for what will hopefully be an exciting race with the Corkscrew and just 2 rounds left. Moto GP is at Imola, and the battle continues between Toprak Razgatlıoğlu and Jonathan Rea in the World Superbikes at Barcelona and there's BTCC at Croft! Tiff's also driving at Goodwood in a Jaguar! Unrelated to motoring, a massive congratulations to British teenager, Emma Raducanu who won the US Open. Thank you for watching!


Welcome to the Lovecars On The Grid Podcast, where we have our 25th Episode!

Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell kick off this episode with the hot off the press news of Finnish Formula 1 driver, Valtteri Bottas making the move to Alfa Romeo! Just waiting for Mercedes to announce the signing of George Russell now! Who will join Bottas at Alfa Romeo, will it be Mick Schumacher, Antonio Giovinazzi or even Alex Albon! What are your thoughts?

This weekend featured the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, where home champion, Max Verstappen dominated the weekend with a win for the Dutch fans! The win was almost shadowed by the announcement of Kimi Räikkönen. Unfortunately, Kimi also had Covid this weekend, so Robert Kubica took his Alfa Romeo seat for the weekend!

Supporting the Formula 1, we had the Formula 3 and the W Series. In F3, the first sprint race was won by Arthur LeClerc (Not Charles - Sorry Tiff!) and Victor Martins in the second. Norwegian driver, Dennis Hauger extends his leads with another victory as he closes in on a F3 Championship win.

Whilst we've not had successful British drivers so far on this podcast, the British dominated in the W Series! All 6 British drivers finished in the top 10, with Alice Powell and Jamie Chadwick finishing first and seconds, now being on the same number of points in the Championship!

In two wheel racing, the World Superbikes were at Magny-Cours, France, where championship leader, Toprak Rzgatlioglu took three wins! The Turkish rider continues to lead the pack, although British rider Jonathan Rea is very much contesting him! Rea actually took one of the wins from Toprak due to track limits! Elsewhere with bikes, the British Superbikes were at Snetterton, with an excellent weekend for Yamaha. Two wins for Tarran Mackenzie, and a win for Jason O'Halloran both of which were on Yamaha bikes.

Over in America, the NASCAR drivers were in South Carolina, at the Darlington Raceway. We had a fantastic last few laps, with Chevrolet driver, Kyle Larson dominating most of the race, but got caught out with a yellow flag, leaving Toyota driver Denny Hamlin to win the race after some contact with the wall! A fantastic finish!

Much closer to home, we hear about Paul's adventures with the Caterham Academy this weekend! The Academy was at Croft, and our Lovecars Academy driver had cancelled his entry into the race due to personal plans. His plans changed, and heroic Paul drove to Croft, did the race (having never driven the circuit before) and managed to finish in 7th place! Onto Snetterton on the 10th October for the final race, fingers crossed for that podium, Paul!

We have a motorsport packed weekend coming up next, with the Formula 1 at Monza, Indycar is back at Portland, whilst we have WRC and Moto GP in Spain. At home here in the UK, British GT is at Oulton Park, and the British Superbikes are at Silverstone! We're looking forward to it all!

We discuss the fiasco at F1 Spa, plus lots more on the Lovecars On the Grid motorsport roundup. EP22

Welcome to Episode 24 of Lovecars On the Grid, the global motorsport roundup podcast!

This week Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman discuss the F1 at Spa farce. Is a race behind a pace car actually a race???

Great to see Lando Norris setting such great qualifying pace, until a huge crash at the very controversial Eau Rouge. Does something need to happen to Eau Rouge to make things safer?

More action in a very damp qualifying which saw George Russell in the Williams stick it on an incredible P2 on the grid, punching massively above the weight of the car and team and showing his phenomenal driving talent.

The out lap of the race will be one for Sergio Perez will want to forget, sticking into the tyre wall before they even started.

What should the officials have done for the race? There was lots of advice from keyboard warriors, with suggestions of mudflaps / fenders / smaller tyres / less horsepower and our very own Vicky Piria suggested going behind safety car until it either dried, or the race had to end.

Perhaps the most crazy idiotic thing you’ll ever see is issuing a Fastest lap, behind a pace car, where clearly you’re not allowed to race! Which went to none other than Mazepin. What a complete and utter farce!

Did they do the race so they didn’t have to refund ticket holders? What are your thoughts?

There was some racing though at Spa first up in W Series which saw a huge 6 car pile up, again at Eau Rouge, in qualifying. With Emma Kimilian coming home in the race with an impressive wet weather win.

The F3 guys also got wet, two wins for Jack Doohan, but did he cheat the reverse grid system? A bad time for the Brits, and possibly the craziest overtake by Caio Collet…. Guess where? Of course, at Eau Rouge!

Tiff was at Silverstone to watch the Moto GP, which sadly ended up being a bit of a disappointment!!

BTCC as always was great, this week was at the UKs fastest circuit, Thruxton, with plenty of drama and a bit of controversy with some chicane cutting!

Brands Hatch hosted the World GTs, that saw a huge crash and a McLaren in the trees!! But in the Needell vs Chris Harris bragging rights, team Barwell Tiff beat Garage 59 Harris.

Electric buggies in Greenland were highly entertaining, even with plenty of punctures and suspension damage, caused by the extremely challenging terrain. And delighted that again Cattie Munnings was our star of the show.

Over in America, NASCAR was complete mayhem at Daytona! The last 16 places are at stake and it’s all to play for!

Next weekend F1 goes to Max’s backyard at Zandvoort, WSB, BSB and plenty of Caterham’s at Croft!


Welcome to Episode 23 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast where Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman kick off this podcast with what is possibly the most well-known race in the World!

It is of course Le Mans, which was incredibly exciting! We all wanted number 7 to win, with British drive Mike Conway behind the wheel of the Toyota, alongside ex Formula 1 driver Kamui Kobayashi and Argentinian driver José María López. What did you think of the look of the Toyota?

The LMP2 battle went right down to the last lap, with just 2.8 seconds between Team WRT and Team Jota for 1st place and nearly running over the chequered flag bearer!

We were excited for the Glickenhaus cars out there for the first time with the 007 LMH, finishing in 4th and 5th place. It was a decorated race for British drivers too, with LMP2 3rd place for Will Stevens and 4th place for the all British LMP2 team, consisting of Paul Di Resta, Alex Lynn and Wayne Boyd.

In the GTE Pro category, British driver, James Calado achieved first place in the Ferrari 488 GTE Evo with his fellow drivers, Alessandro Pier Guidi and Côme Ledogar. We had friends that came out of the race too sadly, with retirements from Ryan Cullen and Oli Webb, both have featured on our channel.

The winning car had no less than 33 pit stops, covered a staggering 5,000KM over 1,440 minutes (24 hours)! Fingers crossed Paul and Tiff can attend next year! Who wants to join us?

The DTM was at the Nurburgring this weekend and finally we have a win from ex Formula 1 driver, Alex Albon!

In the two-wheeled World, the Superbikes were in Navarra, Spain this weekend, with Turkish rider, Toprak Razgatlioglu winning the race on his Yamaha, now equalling championship points with British rider, Jonathan Rea on his Kawasaki. The British Superbikes were at Cadwell Park, with a win for Peter Hickman on the BMW and Jason O'Halloran on the Yamaha.

Over the pond in America, Indycar was won by American driver Josef Newgarden, closely followed by Mexican driver, Pato O'Ward in second. Just three races to go in this series, who will win?

NASCAR was in Michigan, at the FireKeepers Casino 400 race and a brilliantly quick last few laps! Kyle Larson and William Byron were challenging for the lead, but Ryan Blaney managed to take it in the Ford #12. The next race is the last round of the 'play-offs', with the top 16 drivers going through.

Coming up, we have the Formula 1 in Spa to look forward to, supported by Formula 3 and W Series, where anything could happen! The Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen battle will continue! Who will win the Formula 1 championship? BTCC will be at Thruxton, whilst Tiff will be at Silverstone to watch Valentino Rossi's last race, at the British Moto GP! The electric beach buggies, otherwise known at Extreme E, are in Greenland this weekend!


Welcome to Episode 22 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast where we have had a weekend of really good battles!

Starting off with the World Rally Championship, that took place in Belgium this weekend. Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell discuss the win by Hyundai and Belgian duo Thierry Neuville with his co-driver Martijn Wydaeghe in the i20. The pair fought off their team mate, Craig Breen, who finished second with his co-driver, Paul Nagle. Toyota then came in with 3rd and 4th place.

Moto GP was an amazing weekend, but started off with a bit of controversy! The Austrian GP started with a suspension for Yamaha rider, Maverick Vinales following him appearing to be fiddling with his bike in an effort to sabotage his race last weekend at the Styrian GP. We've never heard of a rider sabotaging his own bike! The race itself this weekend was spectacular, with a crash from Spanish rider Marc Márquez due to the poor weather in Belgium. South African rider, Brad Binder didn't switch for the wet weather bike and managed to hold on for the Win, despite on slick tyres and hardly any brakes! A home win for the KTM team.

In the supporting races, Spanish rider Raul Fernandez took the win in Moto 2, whilst British rider, Sam Lowes started in pole but finished in 4th place. In Moto 3, Championship leader Pedro Acosta won another GP after a battle with Romano Fenati and Sergio García with lots of lead changes. Tiff will be there in a few weeks time for the British Moto GP at Valentino Rossi's last ever Moto GP event!

In Formula E, the final race of the championship took place in Berlin this weekend, with wins from French driver Norman Nato for Venturi Racing, but the Championship was taken by ex-Formula 1 driver Stoffel Vandoorne, with the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team.

An exciting race with several crashes and even cars that didn't start! Next race is in January 2022! Over in Scotland, at Knockhill there was great racing with BTCC. Paul thought it was hard in a Caterham, these BTCC cars were incredible! We saw an incredible battle between Colin Turkington and Honda driver, Senna Proctor. Turkington went on to also place 2nd in race two, whilst Proctor took 2nd in race 3. Tiff and Paul are big fans of Ash Sutton!

The Superbikes were at Donington, with wins for Yamaha's Jason O'Halloran and Tarran Mackenzie, along with Ducati's Tommy Bridewell. In America, we had a tight qualifying in Indycar at Indianapolis, with an eventual win for Will Power after starting second, followed closely by former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean.

The race was shared with NASCAR at the track this weekend, with great entertainment in the Sunday race, ending with a few crashes in the chicane, with a battle ending with A. J. Allmendinger winning the race. Coming up next week, we've got more Indycar and NASCAR. British Superbikes are going to Cadwell Park, but of course, it's LE MANS, with more British drivers there than any other nationality!


Welcome to Episode 21 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast, where we've had a jam packed week of motorsport! We start with Paul Woodman's race in the Caterham Academy, which was at Brands Hatch this week. Even with Tiff Needell there to cheer him on, Paul unfortunately had a disappointing race, having chose the wrong tyres for the race this time. This comes after choosing the wrong tyres for qualifying at Silverstone at the last race! Full video to come soon and next race at Croft with just three races to go. Can Paul get a podium in the last few races? What do you think? In British GT, the cars were in the rain at Snetterton this week, with wins from Aston Martin and Mercedes. In DTM, Alexander Albon had a tough couple of races in his AlphaTauri Ferrari, finishing 5th overall at Zolder circuit. In Moto GP, perhaps the biggest news was the announcement of the retirement of Valentino Rossi, who will hang up his leathers after 25 years racing as 'The Doctor' in Moto GP. In the Grand Prix itself, there was a red flag after lap 3 at the Styrian Grand Prix, after a crash involving Dani Pedrosa and Lorenzo Salvadori which caused bikes to burst into flames in a very dramatic event. In World Superbikes, the riders were in the Czech Republic, and Irish rider Jonathan Rea saw his Championship lead reduced after finishing in 3rd place behind British rider Scott Redding and Turkish rider Toprak Razgatlioglu. Elsewhere in America, there was lots going on, with both NASCAR and Indycar. The Big Machine Music City Grand Prix was the race for Indycar, in Nashville, with lots of bumps and crashes, especially on the race restarts. The race ended up taking 2 hours 45 minutes with a win for Swedish driver Marcus Ericsson. The NASCAR was another great race, at Watkins Glen International, New York, with a win for Kyle Larson, his fifth for this season so far, chasing off his teammate Chase Elliott. Coming up next week, we have lots more action in Europe, with the second round in Austria for the Moto GP with the Austrian Grand Prix, World Rally Championship are in Belgium, whilst British Superbikes are at Donington Park four you motorbike fans. In America, Indianapolis gets Indycar road course on Saturday and NASCAR on Sunday, so an exciting weekend there!


Welcome to Episode 20 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast, the global motorsport roundup, where we have a jam packed week of motorsport! Sadly, we start with a tragedy at Brands Hatch.

A member of the Orange Army, the marshall team at Brands Hatch sadly lost their life this weekend. Our thoughts go out to their family and friends. We couldn't go racing without the Orange Army, many of whom are volunteers and the loss of one of them is real loss.

Onto Formula 1, we had an action packed Grand Prix in Hungary, with a crash from Valtteri Bottas, with a win for young driver Estaban Ocon with Alpine, a second place disqualification for Sebastian Vettel, and Lewis Hamilton making a recovery from last place! What did you think of Fernando Alonso's defending of Lewis Hamilton?

Supporting the F1 in Hungary was both Formula 3 and W Series, with some spectacular supporting races! Following the sprint races in Formula 3, Norwegian driver, Dennis Hauger took the win. In W Series, it was another great show for British drivers, with Jamie Chadwick and Alice Powell taking 1st and 2nd place at the Hungaroring.

We also had the 24 hour race at Spa with the GT racing! With a real mix of weather and some horrendous crashes, and fantastic speeds over Eau Rouge! An exciting end to the race with the Ferrari overtaking the Audi and winning!

The BTCC was back in the UK! This weekend was at Oulton Park, with lots of crashes from the Minis, touring cars and Ginetta Juniors and some great wheel to wheel racing! Elsewhere at Thruxton, we had the Superbikes with a very close race!

Tiff was also racing at the Silverstone Classic this weekend, with five races but no wins! 5th overall and a very good results considering the weather and still managed to do some presenting too!

Coming up next week, we have a 3 week gap for the Formula 1, but still lots going on, with the Styrian Moto GP and World Superbikes, along with Indycar and NASCAR over the pond!


Welcome to Episode 19 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast, the global motorsport roundup, where this week seems to have been somewhat a quieter week of motorsport!

Speaking of quiet, we start off with Formula E, with a strange weekend, but two British driver's Winning at the Excel centre and plenty of car coming together! Towards the end of the final race, we even got a pace car and some controversy from Audi! Next race will be the final race of the year in Berlin on August 14th.

Elsewhere, the GT cars were racing at the Lausitzring in Germany and another win for a British driver, this time being Philip Ellis and Mercedes' first win since 2018! The British GT Championship was at Spa, where there were a few start line shunts, but Machitski / Lind and Brown / Marshall still managed to take the Wins. Of course, it's the big weekend for GT cars coming up, with the Spa 24 hour race approaching!

Coming up this week, the Hungarian Formula 1 is back, which is usually an exciting race and the Max and Lewis battle continues, we look forward to the first corner. Which driver is your favourite?

There's also Formula 3 and W Series to look forward to in Hungary.

In the Superbikes, we had a sad weekend. 14-year old Spanish rider, Hugo Millán was tragically killed following coming off his bike and being struck by another rider. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. British Rider, Brad Jones was also sadly taken to hospital following an accident at Brands Hatch.

Coming up next weekend, we of course have the already mentioned Formula 1, Formula 3, W Series and Spa 24 hours, but Tiff is also racing at the Silverstone Classic in some fantastic car. Tiff will also be doing some of the commentary alongside Nicki Shields.

Can Tiff get podiums on all six of his races? Tune in next week to find out! or DTM and Spa for British.

Episode 18 of Lovecars on the Grid – Lewis and Max CRASH! And More!

Think you know what we'll be discussing after an action packed Grand Prix at Silverstone. Tiff and Paul also cover World Sportscar and World Rally rounds last weekend, plus some WRC with year old Kalle Rovenpera in Estonia, WEC in Monza, where Toyota win again but not without worries.

But first up it’s F1 at Silverstone and who was to blame for the huge crash between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. Do yopu think the stewards got it right, giving Lewis a 10 second penalty? Or was Max let off? Let us know in the comments below!

Also, what do you think of the new format? Friday qualifying, Saturday Sprint race and then of course the main event.

Not forgetting the F2 supporting, W Series and the GT race.

Next week, not a lot coming up. Formula E at London Exel, British GT at Spa and

British Superbikes at Brands.


Welcome to Episode 17 of the Lovecars On the Grid Podcast, the global motorsport roundup, after a weekend when worldwide action was a bit thin on the ground!

Sadly the Toronto Indycar we fancied got called off due to Covid, so the only single seater action was Formula E from New York, with a brilliant performance by Britains Sam Bird.

The only other international racing the WTC in Spain, but back home in Blighty there was plenty of action with the British GT at Donington, Historic Legends at Brands Hatch and British Superbikes from Knockhill but the place to be was surely the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Good to see the WTC was supported by Pure ETCR with our very own Oli Webb driving.

WTC was a bit of a front wheel drive anti-climax for Tiff, with wins for Audi and Hyundai – but 10 laps for a World series - surly it needs to be more!

NASCAR boys did 260 laps at Atlanta with the Bush brothers putting on a great show.

This weekend of course the British Grand Prix at Silverstone which includes the first ever Sprint race, and perhaps some news from Mercedes-AMG that a certain George Russel may be joining the team for 2022?

Lots of brilliant support with W Series and F2, plus WEC at Monza, WRC in Estonia and NASCAR in New Hampshire.


Welcome to Episode 16 of Lovecars On The Grid podcast, the global motorsport roundup, where this week we cover the Caterham Academy round at Silverstone, World Superbikes, Indycar and much more!

This weekend, the Caterham Academy was at the home of British Formula 1, Silverstone! Another controversy with our own Paul Woodman, following using dry tyres for the qualifying, the Lovecars car qualified 19th, then having got up to 4th place, was he innocently taken out in the race? Full video to come soon!

At the Austrian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen is starting to run away from Lewis Hamilton in the points, but it's still Red Bull vs. Mercedes! Who will walk away with the Championship this year? Lando Norris and Sergio Perez receive penalties, but were they right to be given?

Did you know a Formula car is as long and as wide as a Rolls Royce Phantom?!

In the W Series, British racing driver Jamie Chadwick took the podium having dominated the race, with British drivers taking all three podium places.

In Formula 3, Tiff seems to prefer the feature race as opposed to the sprint race!

No MotoGP this week, but the Superbikes were at Donington Park! The usual British domination of Superbikes that we're used to over the years is now under attack from Turkish rider, Toprak Razgatlioglu, who beat Jonathan Rea and Alex Lowes to 1st place.

This week, Indycar was at mid-Ohio, one of the few tracks with very few overtakes.

Unfortunately no joy for the two British drivers during this race, but Josef Newgarden finally got a well deserved win!

NASCAR were at road America, for the first time in many years. Overtakes were few, but plenty of action nonetheless, with team mates colliding and an interesting reversing manoeuvre from Kyle Bush.

Next week, we have no Formula 1 or MotoGP sadly. The only European race we can see is the British GT at Donington Park. Most of the action is in America, with NASCAR in Atlanta. Indycar is heading to the streets of Toronto and Formula E is in New York!


00:19 - Intro
00:32 - Caterham Academy
05:21 - Austrian Grand Prix
10:04 - W Series
10:56 - Formula 3
13:41 - Superbikes
14:52 - Indycar
16:15 - NASCAR
22:12 - Next weekend


Welcome to 15 … Syrian GP … W Series … WRC … MotoGP … British Superbikes …

IMSA Sportscars … NASCAR …

BTCC … British GT

Tiff been at Classic Car Show last three days so you probably haven’t seen much?

Next weekend … move to Austrian GP but don’t move … Indycar Mid-Ohio … NASCAR at Road America …

But best racing of all might just be at Silverstone!!


Welcome to Episode 14 of Lovecars On the Grid, the global motorsport roundup, where this week is a very special one, as we announce the Winner of our Caterham caption competition from Facebook!

Also in this week's roundup, we cover the French Grand Prix and the continued battles between Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton after another exciting race!

We have more frantic action from the MotoGP at the Sachsenring in Germany, with a dominant win from Mark Marques, making it 11 wins in a row at this track, which is unbelievable!

In GT3 cars, Lamborghini and Mercedes took some wins in Zandvoort, whilst the GT3 DTM made it's debut at Monza. Alexander Albon didn't have the best of weekends in his new career either!

Oli Webb also took part in the new, all electric Pure ETC championship, which was at Vallelunga this weekend in Italy. Then we have Indycar at Road America and NASCAR in Nashville!

Next weekend, we have the Styrian Grand Prix to look forward to, the season opener for the WSeries, the MotoGP goes to Holland, plus we have the BTCC at the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit! Plenty to talk about next week, make sure you tune in, and of course, if there's anything else you'd like to see, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Welcome to Episode 13 of Lovecars On the Grid the global motorsport roundup, where this week we kick off with the Caterham Academy Championship as it heads to Knockhill, Scotland - that saw our man Paul Woodman have a huge crash in race number 2.

Also in this weeks roundup, Tiff Needell makes it look easy with 5 podiums from 5 races from a weekend at his home track of Thruxton, though he did have the most unlucky second place of his 50 year racing career!

The BTCC guys head to Snetterton for some wheel to wheel action, plus WEC, that ended up being a bit of a Toyota procession, and a disappointing debut for team Glickenhaus.

Over the pond awesome Indycar racing, which seems to be an extremely popular debate on Twitter! And guess who won the million dollar NASCAR all-star race in Texas?

Next week French we have F1 back at Paul Ricard, with F3 supporting. MotoGP from Sachsunring in Germany, Indycar from Road America, NASCAR in Nashville, and Formula E from Puebla in middle of Mexico.


Welcome to Episode 12 of Lovecars On the Grid the global motorsport roundup, where this week we kick off with the Formula 1 in Baku for a Grand Prix full of drama, that had Ferrari on pole and went on to see huge crashes for both Lance Armstrong and Max Verstappen, with a rare mistake from Lewis Hamilton, leading to the most unlikely of podiums you’ll probably ever see!

In F2 we discuss what to do with Dan Ticktum, was his ranting and raving really necessary? Was he hard done by from the stewards, or should he take his medicine and just get on with it? Plus a far more lighthearted and fun Alice Powell doing a couple of ‘Murrays’!

WRC was in Italy and it probably wasn’t the most exciting racing you’ll ever see! But what car they do to spice things up?

But in terms of excitement, MotoGP was as dramatic as ever – and a surprise winner!

Over at Nurburgring World Touring, but with only 3 lap races?? Plus the highly coveted 24 Hour race that was blighted by terrible weather!

And over the pond NASCAR was once again dominated by that man in Number 5.

Next weekend there’s a break from F1, but we have Indycar on Belle Isle, Detroit, where Tiff has raced before, WEC in Portugal with Glickenhaus debut, plus the return of the BTCC, oh, and of course our very own Tiff Needell at Thruxton and Paul Woodman in the Caterham Academy at Knockhill!


Welcome to Episode 11 of Lovecars On the Grid the global motorsport roundup, where this week we start with the awful news that 19 year old Moto3 rider Jason Dupasquier succumbed to his injuries after an accident in qualifying. We pay our respects to this young man who's life was tragically taken too soon.

In terms of the race itself, the Grand Prix being at Mugello was a slipstream dream! The early season sensation Pedro Acosta only managed 8th one spot behind Britain’s John McPhee.

Moto2 didn't go well for Sam Lowes, with a big crash. Brit Jake Dixon went from 22nd to 14th.

MotoGP dominated by Fabio Quartararo – again starting a year winning but will form last?

It was sad to see Valentino Rossi at his home track struggling from 19th to 10th. Do you think the Doctor should hand up his helmet and racing boots?

the Brits keep winning in Superbikes, with some Turkish pressure in Estoril.

A huge event with Indy 500 over Memorial Weekend with Helio’s 4th win at the grand old age of 46!

NASCAR – was a fairly dull 600 mile race, but won by the Needell favorite, Kyle Larson!!

Extreme E – beach buggies kicking up the sand with the Ocean Prix. Did this get your pulse revving? Or cold soup?

And Tiff Needell had 3 races at the Brands Historic which we discuss and see how he got on!

Next weekend – F1 and F2 in Baku, WRC ion Italy, MotoGP Barcelona, NASCAR back on road course.


Welcome to Episode 10 of Lovecars On the Grid the global motorsport roundup, where this week we go from Monaco to Mallory Park plus much, much more!

So the most glamorous Grand Prix of the season, sw local hero Charles Leclerc on pole for Ferrari, but would Max Verstappen in his Red Bull throw a spanner in the works? Talking of spanners, the Bottas nut, where the Mercedes-AMG team didn't quite get their tactics right!

With amazing action from Sebastian Vettel on the overcut on Lewis and Gasly and later Perez did the same to all three but was is 4th place good enough for a team who has such high expectations as Red Bull? Carlos Sainz thought he could win for Ferrari, but qualifying spoiled that chance, and how lovely to see Lando Norris taking 3rd place.

Also in Monaco it was the F2 with some interesting reverse grids! French sensation Pourchaire together with our very own Dan Tictum.

the Caterham Academy headed to Mallory Park for their first wheel to wheel racing, with our very own Paul Woodman starting P4 on the grid.

Elfyn Evans and Scott Martin won the Rally of Portugal in not the most exciting WRC of all time!

In World Superbikes where, as opposed to MotoGP, the Brits dominated with the 6 in a row championship winner, Jonathan Rae, taking his 100th win

Indy qualifying had plenty of drama and saw 6 times champion Scott Dixon taking pole ahead of the big Indy 500 race next week.

Opening British GT result sees Lamborghini win and back in the US of A, NASCAR causes a storm at the COTA in Texas.... well a big rainstorm at least.

Next week! Indy 500, Mugello MotoGP both with a mass of overtaking, NASCAR back on oval at Charlotte and Extreme E Ocean Grand Prix. See you then!


Welcome to Episode 9 of Lovecars on the Grid the global motosport roundup podcast, where we’re looking back at a weekend of Indycar, MotoGP plus some sportscar news in the mix and looking forward to a momentous motorsport moment this weekend – and no we don’t mean the Monaco Grand Prix!

First up Indycar, with Roman Grosjean sticking it on pole position! Not a great weekend for Britain's Jack Harvey, but plenty of action including Reenus Veekay, whi seems to be Indycar’s version of Max Verstappen!

Indylights featured Brit Toby Sowery, and other single seater news included Guiliano Aleso who won the Japanese Super Formula in chaotic wet conditions!

Also plenty of rain for the MotoGP in Le Mans (not Tiff's favourite circuit layout! with over 100 crashes and one of those that came down to earth with a bump was Suzi Perry’s new love Pedro Acosta, but a man who didn’t crash for first time this year was Scotland’s John McPhee with a solid 4th.

In Moto2 Sam Lowes Q10 to crash, Jake Dixon Q26 to 19th.

MotoGP included another win for Jack Miller in dry/wet race on his trusty Ducati, in a race that was briefly led by Marc Marquez, with the French coming in 2nd and 3rd.

ELMS sportscars in Austria … rain again … Robert Kubica wins again … best Brits 7th but Matt Bell part of winning LMP3 team.

Dry in USA where Oli Jarvis and Harry Tinknell picked up a 3rd for Mazda at Mid-Ohio … William Byron won the Drydene 400 NASCAR race and this weekend the big brutes head to Circuit of Americas for the Echod Park Texas Grand Prix – on a Grand Prix track.

But the big event this weekend is of course the Monaco Grand Prix which sees brilliant Gulf liveried McLarens - also World Rally in Portugal - British GT at Brands - and the Caterham Academy at Mallory Park!


Welcome to Episode 8 of the “Lovecars On the Grid” podcast, the global motorsport roundup!

This week with Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman, we toast Sir Lewis Hamilton the GOAT in terms of pole positions with his 100th pole of his career, after another almost flawless weekend of racing in what’s normally a bit of a snoozefest at the Barcelona Grand Prix.

Have Red Bull cracked under the pressure? Long pit stops. Bad strategy. No second driver to rely on. Or are Mercedes-AMG just in a different class?

Did Valtteri Bottas disobey orders to make Lewis’ pass more difficult? And are Lewis and Max Verstappen just on a completely different level to the rest of the field? All is revealed!

Also on this weeks show, it’s Formula E in Monte Carlo. A BRILLIANT spectacle and great to see Formula E looking so good on this historic street circuit. Still not sure about the little gimmicks though... what do you think?

And it was the return of the BTCC at Thruxon, the fastest race circuit in the UK. Reigning champion Ash Sutton will be determined to make an impact, together with old hands, Jason Plato and Colin Turkington, and the only rookie in the field, Rick Parfitt jnr. Are the rear wheel drive cars better? Or would the front wheel drive cars take the advantage?

We also take a look at the reverse grids in Formula 3. Are they ruining the opportunities for the best drivers? Together with the whole Thruxton roundup with MINI racing, Ginetta Cup and Formula 4.


Welcome to Episode 7 of the “Lovecars On the Grid” podcast, the global motorsport roundup!

This week we look back at 3 World Championship events from the weekend and look forward to two more next weekend! Plus the long awaited return of the series we all love for its non-stop action – the BTCC (British Touring cars).

Some great racing from the Portuguese Grand Prix – which saw another tense Mercedes / Red Bull battle but without the real drama of the opening two races as Mercedes look like they are taking the upper hand once again.

Lewis Hamilton provides a masterclass, Max lost his pole and fastest lap to track limits, Botas seemed to give up the ghost and Lando Norris once again best of the rest, but did his pass Perez illegally? Alpine had a great weekend with 7th and 8th with some fantastic driving from Alonso. Russell sadly faded backwards and one of the highlights of the race was Schumacher overtaking Latifi!

There was no F2 or F3 support but Euroformula Open, where all three races were won by American Cameron Daz – so one to watch for the future. Best Brit was Lous Foster with a couple of second places.

WEC kicked off with 6 hours of Spa, with some new regulations, and a fimiliaur field but only two Toyotas and one Alpine. Porsche and Ferrari will be back, in total there were 14 LMP2s, 5 GTE Pros, and 11 ProAms.

Moto GP was brilliant again, and that man (young man!) Pedro Acosta once again brought home the gravy! Fantastic also for Jack Miller – congrats to him.

Over in the USA plenty of full on action from Indycar and NASCAR with Kyle Busch winning the Buschy McBusch 400!

Britain’s Jack Harvey continues to impress 7th. Texas Speedway, Dixon wins first, big crash at start of second, and a debut win for 21 year old Pato O’Ward - who's been promised an F1 test by Zak Brown off the back of it!

Meanwhile back in little old England Tiff had 3 retirements at the Donington Historic race!

Next weekend F1 in Barcelona with F3 support with a couple of Brits to look out for. Plus Formula E on full Monaco - and BTCC at Thruxton!!


Welcome to Episode 6 of the Lovecars On the Grid, the global motorsport roundup podcast!

No F1 to discuss, but an action packed weekend from the world of motorsport events, including the third round of the World Rally Championship in Croatia which saw another last stage heartbreak for Elfyn Evans – and, as in Italy last year, Sebastien Ogier was the man who benefited from Elfyn’s error …

A couple of Brits also won the Junior WRC even – congratulations to Jon Armstrong and Phil Hall.

The other big event in Europe was Rounds 5 & 6 of the Formula E Championship from Valencia – but not the streets of Valencia – and it turned out to be another rather ‘interesting’ weekend… starting off with a rather embarrassing race ending on Saturday as Brit Jake Dennis led from start to finish – another driver who could well have ended up an F1 star – on Sunday.

For the rest of last week’s action, we go to Indycar and NASCAR … with a brilliant 4th place from Jack Harvey with the Talladega madness!

Next weekend F1 returns to the magnificent Algarve circuit for the Portuguese Grand Prix and hopefully another Max v Lewis classic, as MotoGP heads to Jerez in Spain.

Indycar makes it three rounds on the trot with a visit to Texas for the first oval race of the season, while the brave new world of the Hypercar World Endurance Championship kicks off at Spa but sadly only two Toyotas and one Alpine are ready for it – but the future still looks very promising with the return of Porsche and Ferrari over the next couple of years.


Welcome to Episode 5 of Lovecars on the Grid, the global motorsport roundup podcast!


This week on Lovecars On the Grid podcast, Tiff and Paul discuss NASCAR, Formula E and the countdown to Imola begins!

The ‘Blue-Emu Maximum Pain Relief 500’ NASCAR race is first up, and it was typical Martinsvile mayhem all the way. While nearer to home the Formula E boys were winding their way around Rome for a double header weekend.

What do you think of Formula E? Do you like the qualifying system, the often petty penalties, ATTACK MODE!, or how about the fan boost?

Coming up Tiff gives his predictions for true petrol heads starting a big weekend with the Formula 1 at Imola. Will his 1, 2 and 3 be correct?

And a look ahead at Indycar, kicking off at Alabama Motorsports Road Course with F1s ex Grosjean, together with some British hopes – former GP driver Max Chilton, also Ed Jones and Jack Harvey.

Next week NASCAR is at Richmond for the ‘Toyota Owners 400’, MotoGP is in Portugal, but perhaps the main event is surely the Caterham Academy Sprint at Curborough!


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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Lovecars On the Grid podcast - the global motorsport roundup!

With no Formula 1 this week it was Extreme E in Saudi Arabia that took the limelight, with Nico Rosberg's team of Johan Kristoffersson and Australian rally driver Molly Taylor, beating Cristina Gutiérrez and Acclaimed French driver Sébastien Loeb in Lewis Hamilton's team in the opening round!

Stand out performance from Catie Munnings who recorded better split times across the final than her team-mate Timmy Hansen. Munnings also kept the team in the hunt for the final after nursing the car home on 3 wheels after a puncture during qualifying.

Christine Giampaoli Zonca had an outstanding weekend and was level with Oliver Bennett across split times in probably the tightest battle between team-mates all weekend. Great to see Carlos Sians on full send! And plenty of beautiful scenery and action from the inaugural Extreme E outing.

Also on the show we catch up on the MotoGP action in Doha, Qatar together with the most incredible NASCAR dirt race!

Oh, and Tiff Needell wins in a McLaren Can Am car at Donnington!


We kick off this week with the first Grand Prix of the 2021 season, the sensational roller coaster ride in Bahrain.

With Red Bull's Max Verstappen topping the practise sessions and leading the grid from pole position, could the Lewis get close to compete in the Mercedes, or would Botas and Perez be surprise contenders? The result was spectacular and a nail biter until the end.

Were the stewards fair with their assessment of Lewis and Max track limits? Who was your driver of the day? Great to see such a ding dong performance from so many pairing including McLaren's Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, with Ricciardo out qualifying Llando, but losing out in the race. Oh and just the 96th career win for Sir Lewis Hamilton!

Also on the grid we discuss MotoGP in Qatar (where are all the British riders?), Formula 2, NASCAR on the dirt, Extreme E, the latest with the Caterham Academy and Tiff is back in the racing seat!


Episode 1 with Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman introducing the brand new motorsport podcast, "Lovecars: On the Grid".

We look ahead to the Bahrain Grand Prix, discuss NASCAR on dirt and remember Murray Walker and Sabine Schmidt.

This new series covers everything you need to know about motorsport including: Formula 1, NASCAR, W Series, BTCC, Formula E, F2, IMSA Sportscars, WRC and much more!

Follow the guys with a new episode every Monday at 20:00 (London) and be sure to let us know what we're missing, what you'd like to hear included and how long we should talk for!