Modern Classics with Collecting Cars

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We were invited down by the guys at Collecting Cars to sample a small selection of their current stock. The range of cars on display was incredible, with a host of performance icons and modern classics from the last 50 years. Not only that, but we got to drive a few! Join Paul as he takes a handful of these truly special cars out for a drive, to explore what made them so good back in their day, and what makes them so enjoyable to drive now.

Featuring the Opel Manta 400 – a Group B Rally homologation special from the 1980s, The Ferrari 550 Maranello – Ferrari’s consummate V12 GT car of the 1990s, The Porsche 968 Club Sport – one of Porsche’s earlier works of lightweight, track focused fun, and finally the Porsche 918 – a car that really needs no introduction!

The cars featured are available for sale with Collecting Cars at the time of publication. Be sure to check out their website for more information

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