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McLaren F1 Set to Make a Stunning Comeback

The iconic McLaren F1 is making a return, reportedly in the form of a new lightweight, turbocharged hypercar, which will seat three like the original model.

According to Autocar, McLaren’s Special Operations division is working on a new car currently codenamed Bespoke Project 2. It will serve as the new flagship model of the company’s range and takes heavy inspiration from the F1 road car.

The original McLaren F1 was produced between 1992 and 1999, and it gained fame for its design, which racecar designer Gordon Murray helped with, as well as its central driving seat. Powered by a naturally aspirated V-12 engine, the F1 set the record for world’s fastest production car back in 1998 and held on to that honour until the Bugatti Veyron beat it in 2005.

Twin-turbo engine to be used

Even to this day, the McLaren F1 is the fastest naturally aspirated production car in terms of top speed. Despite this impressive record, though, McLaren’s new hypercar is expected to utilise turbocharging, more specifically a twin-turbo V-8.

The engine is believed to be a modified version of the 3.8-litre V-8, which has been used in cars like the 570S and 650S. However, in the new hypercar, it’ll reportedly produce over 700 horsepower. A zero-to-62 mile-per-hour sprint time below three seconds is a strong possibility.

The exterior of the new McLaren hypercar is described as a carbon fibre body that looks “shrink-wrapped” over the interior and mechanical parts to convey “extreme elegance”. A bespoke version of McLaren’s carbon fibre monocoque is also believed to be in development to allow the new hypercar to have a central driving position as the original F1 had.

Only 64 examples of McLaren’s new hypercar will reportedly be built when it launches in 2018, and each could cost as much as £2 million. Such a price tag would make this new McLaren similarly expensive to the upcoming Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar—the AM-RB 001.

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