2019 Lamborghini Sian

We all thoughts hybrids were boring cars driven by people who could be a bit unsettling. That was the turn of the Millenium. and this is 2019. Now, all we want is for our favourite carmakers to continue making good cars despite government regulation. Porsche will stay on, for sure, because they have the 918 on sale and Taycan in the works. Honda has the NSX, and there are the LaFerrari, BMW i8, and the McLaren P1. But what about Lamborghini? To be clear, we want them to stick to two-digit-cylinder numbers and natural aspiration and bonkers design, but petrol is a limited resource and fossil-fueled cars will always be subject to regulation.

What if you wanted a supercar but wanted to go through London easily? Now Lamborghini has you covered, with the new Sian. It’s a hybrid, with a motor and battery, as well as a 6.5 litre V12. The engine comes from the Aventador SVJ, which was the fastest production Lamborghini in its day. With the battery and motor combination, this car gets a total of 819 hp.

Now that’s a mere 34 hp increase. This is courtesy of a 48-volt system and a motor which is linked to the gearbox. This is a mild-hybrid car. So it exists specifically to avail the benefits offered by the government. Chevrolet did the same thing with the Tahoe, and that was the jury’s top pick for Green Car of the Year.

Lamborghini has announced that the car will do 0-60 mph in under 2.8 seconds. So not a lot faster than the SVJ, either. That’s because of the hybrid system’s additional weight. This car will be electronically limited to 217 mph which is also identical to the SVJ. So it’s just an SVJ in new clothes and with a mild-hybrid system?

First, you have to remember that the SVJ is a brilliant supercar. It is very fast and just what a Lamborghini has to be. And second, Lamborghini isn’t known for leaps in power figures. They operate at the fore of electro-mechanical tinkering, and 34 hp is a large increase from a 770 hp engine already at the limit of natural aspiration.

The Sian looks magnificent. Sharp lines and deep cuts make this Lamborghini as striking as ever. The LED headlamps flanked by long vents lend purpose to the design. The bonnet looks even more like a mask. The car uses supercapacitors to power the hybrid system because lithium-ion batteries can’t discharge and recharge quick enough. What that means is that instead of fuel economy, your hybrid Sian will give you a massive surge of power.

Only 63 cars will be sold by Lamborghini and we should get to see it at a number of Auto Shows in the winter. The technology on display is intended to be a prologue to the new Aventador which will be launched this year.


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