Hot Hatch Battle – BMW M140i vs Audi RS3 vs VW Golf R

We go head to head with three of the finest hot hatches money can buy – the BMW M140i, Audi RS3, and Volkswagen Golf R.

Tiff Needell and Paul Woodman are once again joined by Ryan Cullen who each put the cars through their paces to see which deliver, and which disappoint, in a very wet and windy Wales.

This is Part 1 of a 3 Part series and incredible track action including Tiff going sideways and a mystery face off will follow in future Hot Hatch Battle videos, so be sure to subscribe to catch the next episodes.

Is the BMW M140i faster than the Audi RS3? Does the VW Golf R handle better than the BMW M140i? Is the Audi RS3 quicker in a straight line than a Volkswagen Golf R? Can you drift an Audi RS3 or VW Golf R? Is a BMW M140i the best car for drifting? Find out all within this incredible 3 part series!



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