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Every 2017 Ford Will Have Sync 3 Available

Every 2017 Ford Will Have Sync 3 Available

Ford changed the infotainment game way back in 2007 with the first generation of its then Microsoft Sync connectivity software. Fast forward a decade and we have Sync 3, Ford’s proprietary system that has ditched Microsoft for QNX. While the interface is not the prettiest thing to look at, the simplicity makes it fast and easy to use. Sync 3 also packs Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Ford will make Sync 3 available in every 2017 model—making it a first for a major automaker.

“We developed one platform—SYNC 3—and have been able to quickly offer the technology across our lineup,” said Chuck Gray, Ford Global Director, Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering. “Customers considering a new vehicle can now choose any 2017 model year Ford car, SUV, light truck, or electrified vehicle with SYNC 3 and be able to access their favorite apps.”

Phone connectivity is becoming an ever important feature consumers are looking for when they buy a new car. Ford making Sync 3 available across its entire lineup will certainly give the automaker an edge over the competition. 


“SYNC 3 is already a major leap forward in terms of functionality, simplicity, and user experience – Ford’s promise that every new model now ships ‘Smartphone-ready’ is huge,” said Jeffrey Hannah, Director of North America for global automotive technology research firm SBD. “Ford is not taking the traditional approach of introducing Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto on a few piecemeal models or as an expensive option on luxury vehicles only. The guesswork for consumers is over – if you buy any 2017 Ford vehicle with SYNC 3, you drive off the lot with both of these innovative technologies ready to go.”

Don’t expect the technological bump to come free. Pricing should go up a tad, but official pricing won’t be available until we’re closer to 2017 models hitting dealer lots. 

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