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BMW M2 CS Vs Jaguar F-Type – Road and Track Review with Tiff Needell

BMW M2 CS Vs Jaguar F-Type – Road and Track Review with Tiff Needell


The BMW M2 has been one of the most popular cars to come from the BMW M division for a while now. Appealing to the masses and in its short life we have already seen a number of iterations. Starting with the original M2 that is often referred to as the OG M2, shortly followed by the LCI which seen a fresher looking dash and other minor tweaks. Then we had the M2 Competition which was arguably a huge step up in many areas with the introduction of the S55 engine, seats, M driver modes etc and now to finish off the series, the new BMW M2 CS.


The BMW M2 CS comes in at a £73,000 (just over £80,000 as tested) which is quite a leap up from the M2 Competition, so what do you get for the extra money, and what is it competing against? The M2 CS holds the same S55 engine producing the same amount of torque, but the power is up from 410hp to 450hp. The car comes as standard with a carbon fibre roof, bonnet as well as a lovely front splitter and rear diffuser. Oh and then there is the lighter weight forged alloys! Also, for the first time on an M2 from the factory, electronically adjustable dampers have been fitted allowing you to choose between comfort, sport and sport plus settings. With this in mind the logical comparison we thought was the Cayman GT4, however being able to soften the suspension could it also compete against something a little less track and a little more GT?


Yes we decided to put it up against the new Jaguar F-Type P450. With their latest design, and their decision to drop the V6 variant from the range, they introduced the new P450. Essentially it has the same 5.0l V8 Supercharged engine as the P575, just de-tuned to, you guessed it, 450hp. The car as tested was just over £80,000 so already some similarities between the two. Although this is where it ended. The P450 is an 8 speed auto vs the Manual of the CS (DCT is available), and the P450 we had was specced as AWD but it is available in a RWD variant.


We decided to put both cars to the test on the road and track, check out the video to see how Paul and Tiff got on.

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