Beauty in Concept – Aston Martin Valhalla


The Valkyrie is the maddest creation to come out of Aston Martin’s track-focused bowels at Red Bull Racing. The company has again flexed its engineering muscle and overloaded its R&D budget to create The Son of Valkyrie – the AM-RB 003. It’s already been christened the Valhalla and will sit below the Valkyrie. It’ll be a million-pound supercar – AM’s answer to the McLaren P1 and all the other hybrid supercars of the world.

The Valhalla is a study in the latest innovation in racing technology. Aerodynamics, just like the Valkyrie, is a key concern. The first thing you’ll notice about the car is that its entire undercarriage is carbon fibre. The front splitter is the lower lip of a large gaping mouth. It creates a vortex of air which goes around the front tires, compensating for the aero drag resulting from having moving tires in the first place. Two vents on either edge of the bonnet channel air through the doors into the engine bay.

The cabin looks even less like the 21st century. It is a space ship cockpit which belies its size incredibly. Every bit of trim is made of exquisite 3D-printed carbon fibre. The seats are leather-lined racing buckets and are fixed in place. The steering wheel isn’t a wheel at all, but a rectangular, sensor-laden controller with a heart rate monitor.

The windscreen is placed far away and offers a wide view of the fenders. A long air vent runs along the dashboard and down each door. It feeds from the centre vent in the bonnet. The doors on dihedral hinges are operated by pulling a leather strap on the inside. There is no rear window or side mirrors, but cameras that project to a screen which is mounted where the internal rear view mirror would be. A small screen displays speed and rpm and all the other driver’s information. The screen for the infotainment is as small as a phablet, tilted toward the driver.

You feel like you’re in an F1 car when you sit low in the driver’s seat with pedals above your hip point. The Valhalla has a twin-turbo V6 mounted in the middle, right behind the firewall. It powers the rear wheels and has exhaust pipes that stick out from where a rear windshield would be. The front wheels are powered by an electric motor, so this is an all-wheel-drive car. The combined output of the hybrid is expected to be around 1,000 PS or 986 horsepower.

The Valhalla weighs more than the Valkyrie. The weight savings on this car is incredible – grams have been saved by replacing metal and plastic in little mounts and such with carbon fibre. Miles Nurnberger, the Director of Design at Aston Martin, claims that the entire set of lamps on the car weighs only as much as one headlamp on a modern Aston. There is only one Valhalla in existence today, but the company expects to sell 500 of these to the general public. We can’t wait for more of these to get off the production line!


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