Author - Nick Fox

Automotive Videographer, Photographer and general Car Enthusiast.

Porsche Taycan Review

The Porsche Taycan is a marvellously engineered electric executive saloon. The Panamera for the future. It is the fastest production electric car to go around the...

VW ID. 3

The VW ID. 3 is the Volkswagen of the future – their most basic people’s car. The 3 in ID. 3 stands for ‘the third era’ for VW – the third generation of high...

Lamborghini Sian writeup

We all thoughts hybrids were boring cars driven by people who could be a bit unsettling. That was the turn of the Millenium. and this is 2019. Now, all we want is for...

BMW X7 Review

BMW’s X-series are always a little bit better to drive than other SUVs. It’s all down to the suspension, which is the only thing that can mask the weight of...


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