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Aston Martin CEO to Inspect First 1,000 DB11s

Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer is going to be giving the first 1,000 Aston Martin DB11 coupes a little extra love as they roll off the assembly line. Palmer, according to BBC Autos reporter Matthew Phenix, will be inspecting the first 1,000 models, placing the iconic inspection badge bearing his signature on each of V-12 engine covers under the hood of the DB11.

Palmer took over as CEO of Aston Martin in 2014, and this is the first all-new car to be produced by the automaker. We are not surprised Palmer is going the extra mile here. This is a crucial vehicle for the automaker as the DB11 heralds in the British automaker’s new design language expect to come down the pipe in years to come. Maybe cars with his name on the engine will be worth just a tad bit more down the road.

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