2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed – Things to do and see

Festival of Speed 2019

I can’t believe it is that time of year already, the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019 will kick off in just 24 hours and run from Thursday 4th July through to Sunday 7th July. As always it is promised to be a fun packed weekend, and you will find yourself with no shortage of things to do, even if you are attending all 4 days!

The Hillclimb

If you are new to Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, the first thing we have to mention is the Hill Climb. You will see a whole host of cars attacking the hill throughout the weekend, from classics to supercars and everything in between. We often see some pre-production cars tackle the hill as well as some concepts so it is likely you might get eyes on something you wouldn’t have yet come across, even if you are the most avid of car enthusiast. Ultimately though, it all boils down to the Sunday shootout, can anyone take the crown from Nick Heidfeld with the fastest ever time of a staggering 0:41.60 in the McLaren MP4/13 back in 1999?!



F1 Paddock

How close have you got to a F1 car before? Head down to the F1 Paddock to get up close to the latest F1 cars from some of the top Teams. When up close, you really get a true appreciation of the development that goes in to these cars, every millimetre of carbon fibre having an exact purpose. It’s incredible.


Michelin Supercar Paddock

Now every car enthusiast has a certain appreciation for Supercars! Now enter the paddock which features some of the latest and greatest Supercars from across the continent. Get up close to the cars we often only see on posters, and if you get the timing right, hear them roar in to life as they head out on to the hill for their run. This is usually twice a day but check your timetable when at the event, you do not want to miss this!



Central Feature

It has become somewhat of an icon, and a privilege for manufacturers to be able to display some of their greatest cars on the central feature, which is situated right outside of Goodwood house. This year it will feature none other than Aston Martin as they mark their 70th anniversary since their first race at Goodwood. It doesn’t matter where you are at the show, you will generally catch a glimpse of the feature and it really is quite the spectacle.


The Arena, new for 2019!

Now something completely new for 2019, The Arena. While this is new, we do know we are to expect drifting, stunt driving in both cars and on bikes. We have also been advised to expect legends including Ken Block and Terry Grant! We can’t wait to see them in action!




mclaren gt goodwoodNew Cars

This year there are no fewer than 8 global revelas of new cars (9 if you include a Lexus video!) at the 2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed, including the new Polestar 2, second generation Mono, Radical Rapture, a new Ford sports model, De Tomaso Supercar, a new Mercedes-Benz, McLaren GT, Ferrari P80/C, E Extreme car, and the Lexus LC Convertible video.

Be sure to also keep an eye out for our very own Paul Woodman and Tiff Needell who will be out and about at the show. If you see them, come say hi!

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